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Hot Pepper

CVS 1611

Wall thickness : Middle thick

Color: Dark Green

Disease resisitance / tolerance : TMV

Features :Excellent classic Anaheim Plants are 70-85 cm. in height,erect plant with good foliage.

Hot Pepper

CVS 8614

Variety:FST Bright Red No.1

Fruit length:14-17cm,fruit diameter:1.5-1.8cm.Firm and tight,good for long transport.

Deep green fruits turn bright red at maturity.Wide adaptability.Medium hot taste.

Vigorous growth.Heat and humidity tolerance.Extra strong disease resistance .


Hot Pepper

CVS 23681

Color: Yellow

Disease resisitance / tolerance : The fruit wall is thick, straight, strong pungent.

Features : Plant is straight, vigorous, and strong. Conical, very hot uniform

Hot Pepper

CVS 5611

Features :Hot Pepper

Hot Pepper

CVS 23612

Color: dark green / red

Disease resisitance / tolerance : thick flesh

Features : long harvest period, wide adaptability

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